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CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for: police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. New Jersey loves Crossfit Razor. Crossfit New Jersey Our program delivers a fitness program that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist. The Crossfit program is designed for universal capability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We adapt to all disciplines..

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Crossfit New JerseyWe offer a Free Introductory class to all new athletes. There are no prerequisites or fitness experience needed.  We will work with your abilities and bring you to where you want to be!

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  • At CrossFit Razor we have based our training beliefs on two things; education and motivation. We have all the tools to make you healthier, stronger and faster. Come in and let us take you from good to GREAT
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