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Getting Started

Anyone can do CrossFit, and that includes YOU! Regardless of how long it has been since your last workout, we make getting started easy:

Step 1

Free Intro Class Are you interested in trying one of the workouts you keep hearing about? During this intro class, you will have the opportunity to talk with our coaches about your goals, see what we do, and participate in a beginner-level workout for free! Intro class spots need to be reserved. Please email and let us know that you want to take an intro class so we can register you. • Intro classes must be reserved in advance; we do not give Intro Classes to walk-ins. • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early. • Bring a water bottle!

Step 2

New Member Elements Course Since you’re new to CrossFit, you must attend our introductory Elements Classes. ”Elements” are three semi-private classes that will teach you the fundamentals for proper movement, and introduce you to many of the exercises you’ll be doing at CrossFit. The sessions are designed to set you up for success, teaching you the basic movements, skills and knowledge you will need for our group classes, while giving us the opportunity to gradually introduce you to the program. Please note: • You must sign up for a CrossFit Razor membership at your Elements course. • Elements is 3 sessions for $109 on top of the cost of membership. • Schedule with one of our coaches after your intro class or email us a

Step 3

Group Classes Once you have finished your intro class and the Elements course you will be able to participate in our group classes. Our CrossFit program is designed to get you in the best shape of your life! We combine weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, kettlebells, running, rowing… and anything else we can think of into a fitness experience designed to increase your overall strength and conditioning so you’re ready to take on anything that life might throw at you! Check our schedule to see what day and time work for you.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 am WOD 6:00 am WOD  6:00 am WOD  6:00 am WOD 6:00 am WOD  7:00 am WOD 9:30 am WOD
8:30 am WOD 8:30 am WOD 8:00 am WOD CLOSED
9:30 am WOD 9:30 am WOD 9:30 am Strength Day 9:30 am WOD 9:00 am WOD CLOSED
 3:30 pm WOD  3:30 pm WOD  3:30 pm WOD CLOSED
4:30 pm WOD 4:30 pm WOD 4:30 pm WOD 4:30 pm WOD CLOSED
5:30 pm WOD 5:30 pm WOD 5:30 pm Bar Lifting 5:30 pm WOD CLOSED
6:30 pm WOD 6:30 pm WOD 6:30 pm Open Gym 6:30 pm Mobility 6:00 pm WOD CLOSED


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